The URBAN FREE HABITAT SYSTEM defines a 3D space for any person to use. It may be placed in various parts of a city to provide persons with a place to relax, eat, sleep, etc.
The URBAN FREE HABITAT SYSTEM is a low cost system that could easily be initiated and implemented by local communities. The required materials and knowledge of construction methods are all available to average citizens; no top-down organization or expertise is needed.
Once moored at a site in a city, the URBAN FREE HABITAT SYSTEM can be customized by the community to suggest a specific use. For example, it could be designated as a Caravanserai (a traditional Eastern inn for travelers), a meeting place for locals, or a noncommercial café and kitchen.
The structure can also be customized to meet local needs or weather conditions. Though the basic version shown on this page does not protect the users from rain, the structure could easily be covered with a tarp. The entire sphere could be insulated or insulated structures could be built and suspended within the frame to provide comfort in cold climates.
URBAN FREE HABITAT SYSTEM can be moved to a new site by one person, simply by rolling it like a ball. It can scale up or down and be used both inside existing buildings and outdoors. In areas with a high concentration of human activity, clusters of URBAN FREE HABITAT SYSTEM might be needed.
LINK: Urban Habitat System

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